I have been a fan of Cyrus since the Hannah Montana days... although I was always perplexed by the fact that The Disney Channel thought kids were dumb enough to believe that a girl could put on a wig and everyone would suddenly be fooled into believing she was a different person... did they think we were too high off blue smarties to figure that shizz out?! 

In recent months I have grown more and more obsessed with her... she is just perfect in every way & definitely my style crush of the moment! Her style reminds me a lot of the ultimate BBB (Boho Beach Babe) Gillian Zinser. It's that 'I've just woken up, thrown on whatevz on my floor, threw my huuurrr up, yet I look a million dollars' look... the one us mere mortals spend hours trying to perfect! It's like an amalgamation of Boho & Grunge... which I have rather cleverly called 'Brunge'. Denim shorts, biker boots & the infamous top knot are the basic ingredients you need in order to look 'Brunge'. Miley has been papped sporting that combination a lot recently... it's super casual & simple but the way she carries it off is absolute perfection!

I have put together a Miley 'Brunge' Cyrus Polyvore which might give you a few ideas on what to purchase if you want to recreate the look... although it'll cost you a pretty penny!

Miley Cyrus:

If only I could afford all these beautiful clothes & accessories... my life would be so much more Brunge!!!

Love Carmen xxx



Today i've been listening to non-stop UK Garage... it just goes perfectly with this glorious sunshine! Unfortunately I haven't been able to enjoy the gorgeous weather we're having as i've been stuck indoors at work but playing my fave garage tunes on loop definitely helps!!! I might have to go out and buy that new Garage compilation CD i've seen advertised on the TV recently! Back to the old skool <3


Love Carmen xxx



I found this really cool lime green hat in H&M the other week and thought it would be perfect for studding! It's a similar idea to a hat I saw featured in one of NiaSays Youtube videos a few weeks back, which looked super cute but quite pricey for what it is (click the link to check out Nia's channel if you haven't already, she's brill!). So armed with a bag of studs and a butter knife I got to work on operation lime green studded hat... it was super simple to do, although my fingers did hurt quite a bit afterwards! I'm really happy with how it turned out and have worn it out in town during the day... it's definitely a head turner, whether that be for good or bad reasons. I personally love it and can't wait to style it with other outfits... so expect to see this bad lad in some future OOTD's!!! :)

Step-by-step DIY in pictures...

Jacket: Topshop | Leggings: Urban Outfitters | T-shirt: New Love Club | Nike Air Max 1's: Office 

 I kept my outfit pretty casual as I was only popping into town to do a bit of shopping. I wore my super comfy Urban Outfitter leggings that I got a while back in the online sale for £10, which I was rather chuffed about as I had been eyeing them up for a while at full price! I love it when that happens!!! I paired them with my tie-dye T-shirt from New Love Club which I picked up at The Clothes Show Live in Birmingham last year for the bargainous price of £5, can't complain at that since you can buy it off their website and ASOS for £25 now! I love this T-shirt and i'm debating about whether or not to pick up some more, as i'm a big fan of collage type prints, geometric shapes & space print, which a lot of their designs feature. I also think they're the type of tee's that could be dressed up or down depending on your mood or the occasion. I then wore my Julep Nike Air Max 1's, which are my favourite shoes of the moment by far and my well loved Topshop faux leather jacket. 

Love Carmen xxx


Welcome to Maiden of Wood...

I'm 100% certain that this first blog post will be something i'll look back on and totes cringe at but i'm pretty sure that can be said for most bloggers. I don't actually think I know how to be anything but cringe... it's something that comes naturally to me so why not embrace it?! I mean I take pictures of every meal I eat and post them on Instagram...! Surely that's not normal behaviour? 

Since graduating from University back in 2010 (where I studied Fashion & Textiles) I haven't done anything creative, this is not only really upsetting but also an absolute waste of my hard earned cash money... especially considering i'm still paying for it now! I feel like i'm losing touch with the creative world and want to reignite my passion for design & fashion. I'm also positively obsessed with make-up & beauty so expect to see lots of make-up posts here on Maiden of Wood. I'm an avid reader of fashion & beauty blogs and am totally obsessed with Youtube beauty channels so i'm very much looking forward to trying to establish myself in the online fashion & beauty world and hopefully getting to know some of my fave bloggers & vloggers along the way! I have finally invested in a DSLR camera and a shiny new Macbook so that I can have a real stab at this blogging shmalarky! 

My 'Little Pink Book' for noting down any blog ideas I have on the go... 

What to expect on Maiden of Wood... 

Fashion | Beauty Design | Illustration | DIY's | Music... and much more!

I'm very much an amateur at this so please bear with me!

Love Carmen xxx