Welcome to Maiden of Wood...

I'm 100% certain that this first blog post will be something i'll look back on and totes cringe at but i'm pretty sure that can be said for most bloggers. I don't actually think I know how to be anything but cringe... it's something that comes naturally to me so why not embrace it?! I mean I take pictures of every meal I eat and post them on Instagram...! Surely that's not normal behaviour? 

Since graduating from University back in 2010 (where I studied Fashion & Textiles) I haven't done anything creative, this is not only really upsetting but also an absolute waste of my hard earned cash money... especially considering i'm still paying for it now! I feel like i'm losing touch with the creative world and want to reignite my passion for design & fashion. I'm also positively obsessed with make-up & beauty so expect to see lots of make-up posts here on Maiden of Wood. I'm an avid reader of fashion & beauty blogs and am totally obsessed with Youtube beauty channels so i'm very much looking forward to trying to establish myself in the online fashion & beauty world and hopefully getting to know some of my fave bloggers & vloggers along the way! I have finally invested in a DSLR camera and a shiny new Macbook so that I can have a real stab at this blogging shmalarky! 

My 'Little Pink Book' for noting down any blog ideas I have on the go... 

What to expect on Maiden of Wood... 

Fashion | Beauty Design | Illustration | DIY's | Music... and much more!

I'm very much an amateur at this so please bear with me!

Love Carmen xxx



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