I have been a fan of Cyrus since the Hannah Montana days... although I was always perplexed by the fact that The Disney Channel thought kids were dumb enough to believe that a girl could put on a wig and everyone would suddenly be fooled into believing she was a different person... did they think we were too high off blue smarties to figure that shizz out?! 

In recent months I have grown more and more obsessed with her... she is just perfect in every way & definitely my style crush of the moment! Her style reminds me a lot of the ultimate BBB (Boho Beach Babe) Gillian Zinser. It's that 'I've just woken up, thrown on whatevz on my floor, threw my huuurrr up, yet I look a million dollars' look... the one us mere mortals spend hours trying to perfect! It's like an amalgamation of Boho & Grunge... which I have rather cleverly called 'Brunge'. Denim shorts, biker boots & the infamous top knot are the basic ingredients you need in order to look 'Brunge'. Miley has been papped sporting that combination a lot recently... it's super casual & simple but the way she carries it off is absolute perfection!

I have put together a Miley 'Brunge' Cyrus Polyvore which might give you a few ideas on what to purchase if you want to recreate the look... although it'll cost you a pretty penny!

Miley Cyrus:

If only I could afford all these beautiful clothes & accessories... my life would be so much more Brunge!!!

Love Carmen xxx



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