Azealia Banks | Liquorice (Explicit)

Seriously loving this new one from Azealia Banks!! When I first heard it I instantly thought of Inner City/Kevin Saunderson/Detroit Techno but with a 2012 twist! Lone's 'Pineapple Crush' sample also gives it that 90's feel-good sound, which is guaranteed to get your foot tappin' (if there are strangers present) and your booty poppin' (if you're on your ones in your room dancing in front of the mirror)! I love her smutty lyrics, it's x-rated naughty stuff or over 18's ears only... anyone who raps about men jiggling their dicks has cemented their place in my iTunes favourites!

Azealia looks amazing in the video, her body is bhhhangin'!!! Not many people can pull off leather chaps & a Stetson, but she's certainly one of the very few who can! ...Clint Eastwood circa 1966 being the other. Infamous English photographer Rankin directed the Western themed video, in which she dresses in an array of sexy cowgirl outfits. The styling is down to the amazing Nicola Formichetti, who is well known for frequently collaborating with Lady Gaga. I wonder if he took inspiration from blogger-extrodinaire Vintage Virgin? I immediately thought of her after seeing the video.

Image taken from Vintage Virgin's Blogspot

Some of the looks Azealia rocks ferociously in the video...

Azealia's definitely the new baddest bitch on the block and i'm really looking forward to checking out her '1991' EP, fingers crossed there's a few more tracks on there like Liquorice!

Lorra love,
Carms xxx

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  1. she looks so much like alliyah at 1:40 mins in! she is toooo sexy! xxxxxx