I've been an admirer of the stiletto/claw nail trend since RiRi started rocking it way back in '09... and i've finally taken the plunge and got me a set of badass bitch talons! I'm really struggling to type this blog post out as pointy nails aren't the most practical thing and will definitely take some getting used to! I have my claws crossed that it's going to get easier over time!! (geddit?!). Now I understand why long nails were seen as a sign of wealth in Asian culture because there is no way in hell you could do any form of manual labour with these badboys on your fingers! 

 Stiletto nail Tumblr images...

The stiletto nail trend has been made popular by celebrities such as Rihanna, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga & my favourite badass bitch Amber Rose but it's only in the last year or so i've seen it really hit the mainstream. This could be due to the ever growing popularity of 'Wah Nails', the amazing nail art extraordinaire's who seem to be real advocates of claw like talons. I personally really dislike square shaped falsies and I think more rounded, pointier nails look more feminine and attractive. Good riddance to squares... no one wants to be a square now do they?! 

My claws...

I feel it's completely necessary to take a picture of my new talons whist holding a champagne bottle...

I had my nails painted in a metallic green colour at the salon, which I believe was by Revlon. I then used the GOSH nail glitter in Jade Green (no.12) on my ring fingers to give them that extra bit of fierceness!

I do feel a bit like Edward Scissorhands, as the nails still feel like foreign objects on my fingers. It's a bit of a struggle doing day to day tasks like undoing buttons & moisturising... i'm just glad I don't wear contact lenses! I have a week off work to get used to them, come next Monday I might want to rip them off! There are also certain things i'm not looking forward to doing... it's coming close to that time of the month and I can only imagine inserting a tamp into your vajayjay when you have nails like knives could potentially be quite dangerous... and I am quite accident prone anyway! Ohhh sheeeeet! I have just discovered that they have some advantages though, as after misplacing my hair brush this morning I was able to comb through my unruly tatty huuurrr with my new claws! Bonus!!

My version of claw nail art (above)

I love my fierce claw nails but i'm starting to think they'd be more suited to celebrities who have minions to wait on them... 

Love Carmen xxx



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