I want to start introducing make-up & beauty to my blog, as preening oneself is another one of my many passions in life! I'm a bit of a beauty fanatic and love nothing more than painting my nails various different colours and patterns! I recently discovered these cute little dog nail stickers on Zoella's blog (she's one of my fave bloggers & Youtubers the links to check her out, you won't be disappointed!). They're sold by a company called Jan Christie on eBay for a bargainous £2.30 + 10p P&P! She also has her own website which has a whole load of nail art and other cute little bits & bobs! They're just the cutest little things i've ever seen and are a cheap & cheerful way of creating salon-esque nail art without the salon prices! (trying my best not to sound like a TRESemmé advert right about now!).

I decided to go for pastel colours on my stiletto nails, as it recommends you use paler colours as a base in the instruction sheet that they come with, in order for the little pooches to really show up.

Step-by-step of how to apply the stickers... 
  • I started by painting my nails with a Barry M basecoat (I cannot stress enough how important applying a basecoat is! Nobody likes discoloured yellow nails!).
  • I then applied two coats of my Models Own pastel varnishes.
  • I had already cut around each of the stickers before starting on my nail polish, so I then peeled back each of the stickers with a pair of tweezers and placed them on each nail.
  • I then sealed them with a coat of Barry M glitter polish in Pink Iridescent & finished off with a layer of Seche Vite 'The World's Finest Top Coat' (believe me, it really is!!!).
I did find the peeling back of the stickers quite fiddly to begin with but after a the initial few nails it got a lot easier.

Nail varnishes usedModels Own Baby Blues, Peach Sherbet, Lilac Dream, Pastel Pink & Lemon Meringue Barry M basecoat Barry M Pink Iridescent Seche Vite top coat 

Golden Retriever | Rough Collie | Boxer | Bulldog | West Highland White Terrier

You can even create your own nail stickers on the website... Myleene Klass & Rochelle Wiseman were recently papped at Rochelle's hen party with her future hubby to be Marvin from JLS on their talons! If you wanna be a modern day ride or die chick you need your man's face on your nails ladies! Get meh?!

It's been a few days since I gave myself a pastel pooch mani and they're still going strong! Jan Christie recommends applying a fresh layer of top coat every few days to preserve the life of the stickers but paying that little bit more for a good quality top coat means you don't need to worry about that.

I hope you enjoyed this nail tutorial, lemme know if you decide to give it a go!

Love Carmen xxx



  1. Really enjoying checking out the blog Carmen! And the nails look fab, must try now!!! xxx

  2. Thank you!! Glad you're enjoying reading it as much as I am writing it :) xxx