Now don't get it twisted, I do actually like Rita Ora... more for her style than her music, although I do quite enjoy singing murdering 'R.I.P' when it comes on the radio (I bet Chase & Status are reaping the royalties on that one... sunning themselves in the Bahamas as I type!). I'm generally not the type to spread hate (make love, not war & all that ☮) but I feel it necessary to put it out there that i'm not feeling her new song 'How We Do', in which she dares to utter the words 'party & bullshit' ...and not just the once either! Being a Notorious B.I.G fan I am quite offended that they have used such an infamous Biggie lyric on what can only be described as a mediocre pop record. Shame on them! 

I don't think Rita is going to set the charts alight with this one... though you'll probably hear it blasting out of that annoying kids phone at the back of the bus/train (buy some f**king headphones annoying kid!). I was expecting her to come out with something a bit more 'grimey', so to speak, possibly something in the range of 138-142 BPM, since Dubstep has now become radio friendly. It doesn't give her that distinctive sound that most popstars have these days, like for example when you hear a Katy Perry song on the radio for the first time you instantly know it's her. I don't think Miss Ora's quite found her 'Rita' sound yet but i'm sure she will evolve and develop it in time, in the same way RiRi has with hers.

She is incredibly beautiful and super stylish though! Plus she's dating Rob Kardashian and I do like to keep up with the Kardashians!

This is how we REALLY do...

Notorious B.I.G | Party & Bullshit 

Biggie will be turning in his grave!

Love Carmen

I say all this now but a few weeks down the line when i've heard it played enough times on the radio you'll probs catch me humming along to it... oh how fickle of me!


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