This is what an eargasm sounds like...

Gotye | 'Somebody I Used To Know' Feat. Kimbra (M-Phazes Remix)

I really liked the original when it first came out and still do (although it can get little bit jarring when you've heard a song played a good few hundred times on the radio). This remix is amazing though, exactly my kind of thing! Really LuckyMe-esque... I simply LOVE it!!! The guy who remixed it is called M-phazes from Melbourne, Australia (click the link for his Soundcloud). One to watch I think!

Love Carmen xxx

P.s. I'm sure this has been said a million times already but how much does the girl who sings on the track look & sound like Katy Perry!


  1. This is exactly the kind of warm fuzzy vibes I needed to make today ok. (Mondays are grim yo!)
    LOVE x

    1. It's amazing isn't it Lola! Tuesday's are mega grim too... which is exactly why i'm listening to it on repeat!!

      Carms xxx

  2. Totally agree .. really, no matter how hard I try, can not get this out of my head u___u


    1. :) It's impossible to get out of your head isn't it... although i'm more than happy to have this version playing over & over again in my head!

      Carmen xxx