I apologise for the ropey quality of the pictures, as they were taken on my iPhone rather than my DSLR. I thought i'd do a quick post with some pictures of my new pastel pink and purple hair. I've had dip-dyed pink and purple hair before but never an all-over wash of pastel colour. I was bored on Saturday morning and remembered I had a full bottle of Stargazer Baby Pink dye in my room, as well as some Violette Crazy Colour... I thought why not give it a go, as I knew it would wash out pretty quickly if I wasn't a fan of it. I diluted it with quite a lot of Boots coconut conditioner, which is one of my fave conditioners and only costs a couple of quid. I left it on for a good couple of hours, as I wanted the colour to take to my hair as much as possible with it not being pre-lightened. I'm delighted with the finished product & will be doing it again once it washes out! I tend to shampoo & condition my hair almost every day (naughty I know!) but i'm avoiding doing so, as I don't want it to fade out. 

This is what I wore out on Saturday night da ba da dan dee dee dee da nee na na na...

 I'm in love with Bindi's at the minute! I think they add such a lovely touch to an outfit and Topshop has some really cute, colourful ones in. Such a Bindi Cindy bbz! <3

Steams beams and looking possessed... 

Crop top: Urban Outfitters | Skirt: American Apparel | Necklace: Topshop | Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Studded Denim Tardy (A birthday gift from my Boyfriend last year off Nasty Gal) | Bag: Topshop | Bindi: Topshop  | Lipstick: YSL Rouge Volupté 108 | Blusher: NARS Angelika 

 FYI the reason I have cling film wrapped around my leg is because I had just got a new tattoo on my thigh that afternoon, can't wait to get it shaded & coloured in a months time! :)

A little collage of pictures with some of my babes on Saturday night...

Hope everyone is having a lovely day!

Lorra love,
Carms xxx 

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My ultimate girl crush Miley Cyrus (I think she's everyone's girl crush right?!) was recently papped in NYC wearing this Pretty Woman-esque outfit. A few people have slated her fashion choices as of late, mainly internet trolls who have nothing better to do with their time! I, on the other hand, absolutely adore her style! I think she can pretty much pull anything off... i'd even go as far as to say if she was wearing that plastic bag she's carrying i'd be sold and plastic-bag-chic would be the hottest new Summer trend!

These are those famous thigh-high boots i'm talking about...

I've been eyeing up thigh-high boots for a while but I think it might be one of the only items of clothing i'm not quite daring enough to wear... and believe me that doesn't happen very often! I'm all about expression through fashion and wearing what you want regardless of what other people think, which is what I love about Miley! I do think i'd be tempted to buy a pair if I could find some similar to hers, which are a bit more on the subtle side with a flat heel, as opposed to Julia's naughty little PVC numbers. 

What are your thoughts on Miley's style? Are you a fan of the thigh-high boot?

Lorra love,
Carms xxx

Maybe a remake of Pretty Woman with Miley and Liam could be on the cards?


I'm beyond obsessed with tie-dye... i'm pretty sure half my wardrobe is tie-dye, no exaggeration! I've been in love with the dress one of my all time fave bloggers Christeric is wearing below since she blogged about it back in September of last year. Such a shame it's thrifted and most probs one-of-a-kind :( I hunted the web for it but to no avail. I have since discovered UNIF (the brainchild of Eric Espinoza, Christeric's other half) have come out with their own version of it (check it out here). It doesn't come close to the original in my opinion, but if I could afford to I would definitely be purchasing it!

Because UNIF clothing is currently out of my price range, I decided to make my own tie-dye dress from an old Topshop number. I searched online for a tie-dye kit, as unfortunately in the UK they don't seem to be as readily available as they are in the US. I managed to find one on the Fred Aldous website for (the not so bargainous price of) £14.26 + P&P... I was more than willing to pay it though, as when I get an idea in my head there's no stopping me! The kit contains everything you need... 3 different colour powder dyes (which you add water to), soda ash, elastic bands and rubber gloves. Things can get messy, so just be sure to wear old clothing and cover your work area with plastic bags or an old sheet. 

Here are some pictures of the tie-dyeing process...

I am so chuffed with how my dress has turned out! The colours are super vibrant, which is how I hoped it would be.

The sleeves are definitely my favourite part of the dress...

I was surprised at how much I was actually able to dye using the one kit! I managed to get two pairs of shorts, a t-shirt & a crop top out of it as well...

Did I mention i'm off to Benicassim festival on Tuesday?! So excited!!! :) I'm going to be packing plenty of tie-dye garms, the perfect festival attire! I cannot wait to so wear my dress, I plan on styling it with some studded trainers and possibly a floral wreath headband (another DIY i've been busy doing pre hols)... i'll be sure to take some snaps and do a blog post on that. I'm thinking of trying to get pics of all my outfits of the week & doing some sort of outfit of the day compilation. I'm not convinced many people are actually reading my blog, but if you are and you'd be interested in seeing something like that then let me know in the comments section below. 

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Lorra love,
Carms xxx


Just a super fast & simple DIY inspired by these bad lads...

If I was ever lucky enough to win the lottery (not that I ever play it like) top of my list would be a mad dash purchase of everything... and I mean EVERYTHAAANG off the Nasty Gal website!!! The flatforms above would be one of the first things getting added to my shopping basket, since i've fallen in love with all things flatform! They take me back to the reign of the Spice Girls, but slightly less 'anime' and more on the toned down side. 

As i'm off to Benicassim festival next week, I wanted some comfy but cool flatform sneakers with at an affordable price. Luckily I managed to find a super cheap pair in New Look for £12.99! I decided to grunge them up a bit, after being inspired by the pair on Nasty Gal. 

Below is how they looked before, pretty plain & boring really... but for £12.99 you can't really complain!

My studding apparatus...

I started off using the beading awl on the right but then swiftly moved on to the big guy on the left when I realised how bliddy time consuming & finger numbing that was gonna be! The revolving leather punch is a dangerous little tool if used when not concentrating, so be careful not the punch holes in the wrong places. It works a treat though and punches holes through canvas pumps in no time! All you need to do it line it up where you want the hole, squeeze down on it and voilà you have yourself the perfect sized hole for studding. The studs I used were screw backs I bought on eBay a few months ago.

The finished product...

I'm really pleased with how they turned out, especially since they cost a fraction of the price of the £125 (not including shipping and tax) Nasty Gal ones! I do kinda wish they had a higher flatform sole but beggars can't be choosers ey! 

Look out for these in future OOTD's when I finally figure out a way to take pictures of myself without a tripod... saying that though, it's my birthday next month, so a tripod may be on my b'day wish list!

Hope you enjoyed this quick DIY! Lemme know if you like 'em... any feedback is much appreciated  :)

Lorra love, 
Carms xxx