I'm beyond obsessed with tie-dye... i'm pretty sure half my wardrobe is tie-dye, no exaggeration! I've been in love with the dress one of my all time fave bloggers Christeric is wearing below since she blogged about it back in September of last year. Such a shame it's thrifted and most probs one-of-a-kind :( I hunted the web for it but to no avail. I have since discovered UNIF (the brainchild of Eric Espinoza, Christeric's other half) have come out with their own version of it (check it out here). It doesn't come close to the original in my opinion, but if I could afford to I would definitely be purchasing it!

Because UNIF clothing is currently out of my price range, I decided to make my own tie-dye dress from an old Topshop number. I searched online for a tie-dye kit, as unfortunately in the UK they don't seem to be as readily available as they are in the US. I managed to find one on the Fred Aldous website for (the not so bargainous price of) £14.26 + P&P... I was more than willing to pay it though, as when I get an idea in my head there's no stopping me! The kit contains everything you need... 3 different colour powder dyes (which you add water to), soda ash, elastic bands and rubber gloves. Things can get messy, so just be sure to wear old clothing and cover your work area with plastic bags or an old sheet. 

Here are some pictures of the tie-dyeing process...

I am so chuffed with how my dress has turned out! The colours are super vibrant, which is how I hoped it would be.

The sleeves are definitely my favourite part of the dress...

I was surprised at how much I was actually able to dye using the one kit! I managed to get two pairs of shorts, a t-shirt & a crop top out of it as well...

Did I mention i'm off to Benicassim festival on Tuesday?! So excited!!! :) I'm going to be packing plenty of tie-dye garms, the perfect festival attire! I cannot wait to so wear my dress, I plan on styling it with some studded trainers and possibly a floral wreath headband (another DIY i've been busy doing pre hols)... i'll be sure to take some snaps and do a blog post on that. I'm thinking of trying to get pics of all my outfits of the week & doing some sort of outfit of the day compilation. I'm not convinced many people are actually reading my blog, but if you are and you'd be interested in seeing something like that then let me know in the comments section below. 

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Lorra love,
Carms xxx


  1. I would like to see your outfits! Have a great time!

  2. They all turned out soooo nice!