Diamond Girl - Nasty Gal Holiday 2012 Collection 

Luster Blouse $98 | Iced Sequin Blazer $138 & Matching Shorts $88 | Splash Sequin Skirt $88 | Romy & Michelle Pleated Skirt $82 | Fantasy Faux Fur Coat $168 | Solitaire Skinny Jean $98 | In The Rough Denim Jacket $250 | Solitaire Blouse $78 | Brilliant Sequin Top $118 & In Your Dreams Skirt (Blush) $88

Spending my Friday night drooling over clothes on Nasty Gal is rather depressing, as I can't afford the customs fees... let alone the clothing! Boo-hiss! :( Nasty Gal never fails to impress me though, it is without a doubt (in my opinion) the best online clothing store there is out there at the moment. This collection is everything I want my Winter wardrobe to be - faux fur, pastels & sequins galore! My top picks from the collection would have to be the two-piece 'Iced Sequin' suit and the faux fur furby-esque coat... i'm in love! I'm going to have to go on the hunt for some cheaper UK high-street alternatives to these items for the time being, or perhaps i'll send Santa an email with a link to the website?! 

Lorra love,


  1. Aw I do love what Nasty Gal has to offer :P But like you, I can't buy atm! I'm trying to spend a lot less, so I can only look but not touch. Sad times. Dx

    1. T'is definitely sad times! I try to avoid looking when I know I can't possibly touch, but with Nasty Gal I just can't stop myself! :) xxx

  2. I always love everything Nasty Gal comes out with!
    Would love if you could check out my blog too :) - yours is amazing.
    It would be great if we could follow each others! :)


    M xx

    1. Hey lovely! Just checked yours out & gave it a follow! :) Thank you, i'm glad you like it!

      Carmen xxx