The Clothes Show Live 2012

I went to The Clothes Show on Saturday with my lovely sister Sarah (technically she's my boyfriend's sister but I like to call her mine as well), who makes for an amazing photographer/camera woman might I add! ;) We had a fabulous day of shopping & celeb spotting, which are two of my favourite past times... although I don't get to do too much of the latter living in Birmingham. 

I took it as a great opportunity to get some good footage and make a start on my YouTube channel; to go alongside my blog. I'm obsessed with watching fashion & beauty videos on YT, and i've wanted to start my own for a good year & a half now. It looks like so much fun and I think it's sometimes easier to get a point across on film than in writing, well for me anyway... as I like to talk a lot! I'm a creative person and I like to learn new things, so starting to make videos & learning the process involved in that will be fun for me. The only reason i've held back from starting a YT channel until now was because of what people might say, but i'm over that now - sticks & stones muthaf**kas! ;) I bought some nice bits and pieces whilst at the Clothes Show, which is all shown in a haul at the end of my video (click here to check it out), please excuse my cringey video voice, it's similar to my work phone voice; which makes me want to vom! I'm also not as serious as I come across on camera but i'm sure i'll relax into it and get a bit more of my cray-cray personality (that's the perfect example of the embarrassing things I say on the reg, which you'll soon discover) on camera in future videos. Oh and I should have probably tidied the room/made the bed before I started filming, so apologies in advance for the mess in the background... don't judge me.

What I wore...

Shirt: Topshop | Jeans: American Apparel | Shoes: Nike Air Max 1's | Glasses: Ray Ban

I love this giant Tatty Devine sugar skull...

I met the lovely Grace Woodward outside of the Suzuki Fashion Arena. She was wearing an amazing HoH dress!

Where does the hat end and my hair begin?!...

Bumped into Harry Styles & Norris from Corrie didn't I!



I hope you've enjoyed this post & it's been a bit of an insight into what The Clothes Show is like. Be sure to check out my video to see the day in more detail & to also see the goodies I got ...and don't forget to subscribe if you want to see more. Enjoy!

Lorra Love,
Carmen xxx


  1. great post, really love your outfit and you look gorgeous <3

    1. Thank you for such a lovely comment!

      Just checked your blog out, you're so cute!! :)

      Carmen xX