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Hey bbz! 

I have an exciting new post for you all this evening! One of my favourite online stores, basically the only place I buy my jewels 'Dixi' have some fabulous new releases, and i've been lucky enough to have a sneaky little preview of them. They launched this new collection earlier today, so you can head over to Dixi right now and fill your boots! 

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                     Fancy a bit of Disclosure ft Aluna George with your morning brew? 

They done did it again!

Lorra love,
Carms xxx


AS IF!!! I think I might have died and gone to fashion heaven... i'm, like, totally buggin'! Wildfox have paid homage to 90's cult classic Clueless for their upcoming Spring 2013 collection. It screams Cher & Dionne, and there's even a bit of Tai grunge thrown in for when you're rollin' with your hooomies and you want to kick it in something a bit more casual. I love that they've stayed true to the iconic outfits we all know and love, whilst giving it a modern day Wildfox twist. The most recognisable outfit from 'Clueless' has to be Cher's yellow plaid suit, so i'm happy to see something similar in the there. Two-piece suits have made a massive comeback in recent months, so I imagine they'll be a popular choice from the collection. 

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 #OOTY 2012

Apologies for the delay in getting this up! It's rather late now we're two weeks into January, but I thought i'd put it up anyway. Just a recap of some of my outfits of last year, including lots of selfies & mirror pics... pretty standard bizness for me! A lot of these outfits won't have been featured on here either, as I wasn't blogging for the whole of 2012. Most of them are Insta pics, with a few holiday snaps thrown in there for good measure.

My favourite outfit of the year has definitely got to be the one below which I wore on my birthday night out. I rather enjoy the 'ghetto fab' look on a night out, and as it was my birthday I thought i'd go all out with the chains & Versace print trousers.

Body: American Apparel | Trousers: Versace for H&M | Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell 'Litas' | Belt: Urban Outfitters | Necklaces: Forever 21 & my Mama's from back in the day

Looking through these pictures the other day made me miss my pink hurr, so today I dyed it back to a cotton candy colour! :) A woman at work actually asked if 'i'd dyed it for a hen party' the last time my hair was pink LOL ...I think it's safe to say she ain't down with the kids! Hope you enjoyed this blog post & I hope 2013 is going well for you all so far! I plan on doing lots more outfit posts in 2013, so don't forget to give my blog a follow! :)
Lorra love,
Carmen xxx
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I went out in my hometown of Newcastle on New Year's Eve, to a new club called 'House of Smith', which is in the area of Newcastle best known as 'The Diamond Strip' ...I know it sounds a bit tacky but in my opinion it's probably the best area of Newcastle to go clubbing (that word makes me cringe!) and i'd definitely recommend it. As it was New Year I thought i'd make the effort and go all-out glamour for one night! I think I found the perfect NYE dress, which was made even better when I got to the till and it had been reduced to half-price! :) I had so much fun and drank far too many Jager Bombs, which resulted in me getting about two hours sleep and feeling rough as a badgers arse the next day! Rank! 

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