I went out in my hometown of Newcastle on New Year's Eve, to a new club called 'House of Smith', which is in the area of Newcastle best known as 'The Diamond Strip' ...I know it sounds a bit tacky but in my opinion it's probably the best area of Newcastle to go clubbing (that word makes me cringe!) and i'd definitely recommend it. As it was New Year I thought i'd make the effort and go all-out glamour for one night! I think I found the perfect NYE dress, which was made even better when I got to the till and it had been reduced to half-price! :) I had so much fun and drank far too many Jager Bombs, which resulted in me getting about two hours sleep and feeling rough as a badgers arse the next day! Rank! 

My bargain Jeffrey Campbell 'Damsels' which cost me £29 from Soletrader & are still in Office for £145! MEGA BARGZ!!!

I hope you all had a brilliant New Year wherever you were in the world & whatever you got up to! Thank you to those of you who have already followed my blog & subscribed to my YouTube channel, it means a lot... if you haven't already then please do & I will love you forever! :) At the moment i'm not doing something I really love for a living... don't get me wrong my job is pretty sweet and I can't really complain... I have a job at the end of the day and i'm more than grateful for that, but fashion & illustration is where my heart lies (as cheesy as that sounds, it's true), so doing this blog & starting my YT is fun for me and i've thoroughly enjoyed doing it so far. Sometimes i'm really tired from working a full-time job and it's hard finding the time to work on this as well but I do plan on dedicating myself a lot more in 2013! So thank you all for your support so far! <3

Lorra love,
Carmen xxx


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