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I know there's been nuff fashionistas blogging about LFW, and my thoughts & opinions probably count for diddly-squat since I wasn't even there waaaaahhh... BUT... i'm gonna to give them to you anyway! 
Unfortunately I wasn't fashion enough to attend LFW (*sad face*), but I have been enjoying it from the comfort of my own bed. I've been spending a lot of my unwinding time, which is mostly spent horizontally (not in a naughty way though! hehe!) checking out the London Fashion Week website and reading all of the exciting LFW posts from my fellow fashion bloggers. 
I've particularly enjoyed Ashish, Henry Holland & Unique. These are all designers/brands that i'm already a fan of, and they're maybe a bit more 'affordable' to your average skint 20-something like myself... well maybe the HoH Debenhams stuff anyway.

Any collection that is described as a 'nana rave' I am totes down for! I love my Nana, I love a good rave, and combining the two sounds like an absolute crease!!! It brings on some mental visuals of my Nana Linda skanking hard at some Shoreditch warehouse rave! LOLz. This collection featured clashing colours, 70's wallpaper inspired prints, and a new take on the orange lined parka's we all used to rock back in the day. Henry is one of my personal faves; he always brings the fun, and i'm all about being playful & fun with fashion. 


I love every collection Ashish has ever done! As i've said many times before i'm a massive magpie - so glitter, sequins, sparkles... basically anything shiny I just luuurrve! This collection didn't disappoint my inner magpie; Ashish certainly knows how to glitz up manual workwear doesn't he. Some of the colours were slightly more muted than in previous collections; with lots of monocrome, which i've heard will continue to be huge this year. But there were also some crazy fluorescent pops of colour every now and again, which I loved.  I particularly fell in love with the fluro mac Leomie Anderson walked in, and those orange sequin 'posh-joggers' were to die for! Ashish's clothing is always on the right side of garish, very eccentric, and certainly not made for wallflowers... and, well, it wouldn't be an Ashish collection without a few slogan tee's would it. I'm deffo thinking they should make the 'i'm having a shit day thanks' tee uniform at my work.
I adore it, and wish I was minted so I could afford more than one of his t-shirts from Topshop! Ooo and not forgetting that Chloe Norgaard walked in the Ashish show too, and i'm frickin' obsessed with her!! I stalk her Instagram account trying to keep up-to-date with her ever changing crazy huuurrr colours; she's like the real-life version of that McFly song! 

Apparently Unique's ideal client is “Someone with her own unique sense of style, who is not afraid to stand out from the crowd.” I'd like to think I fit that bracket, and those funny looks I get from random people every day of my life aren't all in vain. This collection, designed by Emma Farrow, was very chic & demure, with some beautiful tailored pieces. It featured plenty of blacks for those darks day when colour just won't cut it, as well as some gorgeous dusty pinks, beiges, and wedgwood blues. The pink sequin skirt was a winner for me, along with that beautiful blue dress with the amazing Clueless-esque fur. Ooo and I loved the black diamond latex jumper Jourdan Dunn walked in. This Unique collection is exactly the way i'd hope to dress if I was a London city slicker. 

What were your LFW highlight's? Were any of you lucky enough to attend?
Lorra love,
Carmen xxx
FYI: The pictures are not mine (obvs), I spent a good hour or so trying to find decent quality pictures on the web. Unfortuntely I can't link back to wear I got them - sorry!


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