Everland Clothing

I recently discovered the most amazing fashion label EVER!!! Everland Clothing are an Aussie based brand started by two Brisbane online clothing stores; who joined forces on their mission of fashion world domination! I stumbled across them by chance a few weeks ago when I saw the unbelievable giveaway they were hosting on Instagram (Check them out - @everlandclothing), where they gave their followers the chance to win one of everythaaang from their new range. Unfortunately those two magpies I saw, avoiding the three drains & stopping myself from walking under a ladder brought me no luck whatsoever waaahhhhh! :( Anyway... they're amazing, and definitely one to watch out for! I'm beyond obsessed with their 'Chase The Sun' swimsuit, 'Freaks In love Camisole Set'... and pretty much everything else on the website. If Black Milk, UNIF & Nasty Gal were to have an unprotected three-way then this is what would pop out 9 months later... heck i'd even be up for wearing the Placental Expulsion! Get meh?! (WARNING: do not Google that if you're squeamish or eating!).

Photographer - Melissa Findley www.melissa-findley.com/ 
Model - Rylee Breen Maver www.rylee-breen.com
Stylist - Kirsten Morrison www.starringnobody.com
MUA - Briana Jade
Hair - Jessica Taylor

Hehehe the order of the photos were chosen completely at random, but i've just realised it looks like she's having a cheeky perv up her own skirt! LOLz! 
I love love love it all! I want this to be my Glastonbury wardrobe... it'd be so damn perfect for a festival! Plus i'm an absolute tie-dye whore... anything tie-dye makes me weak at the knees, so it's no surprise I salivate excessively every time I check out the website (multiple times a day).

Don't forget to check out them out - www.everlandclothing.com & let me know your faves from the collection! :)

Lorra love,
Carms xxx


  1. Urgh I can't believe just how good Aussie brands are.. I just want to pack up and move there.

    1. Tell me about it!! Aussies have the best clothing lines atm. I'm obsessed! The P&P kills me though :( Spending 20/30 quid on postage makes me sick to the stomach... but I just want it all!!!xX