Pampering, posh hotels & pigging out!

I thought this would be a fun post to share with you, as it's both lifestyle and beauty related. I haven't done many beauty posts as of yet, so this is something a lickle bit different for me :) My boyfriend & I recently stayed at the Hotel Du Vin in Birmingham; he was working late in the city centre, so his work put him up in a fancy hotel for the night... and I obviously wasn't going to miss out on the opportunity to stay the night at a posh hotel! As Michael was working late it meant I had the place to myself; so I decided to get takeout from my favourite Thai restaurant, lots of naughty treats & just pamper myself silly! I had recently attended the Birmingham Blogger Meetup, which meant I had lots of exciting new products to test out. I had the most amazing bath, catching up with some YouTube videos on my laptop whilst I relaxed... am I the only person who does this?! I got to test out some fab new products; one of which was the GlamGlow Youthmud mask. Since i'm the most impatient person going I decided to just slap it on and see what happened. I did not expect it to have a hot tingling sensation to it... I basically thought my face was melting off until I realised it was supposed to happen. Silly me! I tried a similar type of mask once before by a different brand (I will refrain from naming & shaming) that burnt my skin, and left it really red & irritated, which is why I started to panic a bit, and also the reason why I should learn to read instructions before doing things! I left it on for about 5 minutes, but have since discovered you can leave it on for up to 20 mins (if you have sensitive skin then it might not be the best idea to leave it on for that long). I must admit it did leave my skin feeling soft & supple; but my skin always does after I take a little break, relax and pamper myself... which makes it difficult to judge whether it was that particular product. I'd definitely have to try it out more regularly before I could give you my full and honest opinion on it. I certainly enjoyed trying it out though; it's always fun to test out new products, but I don't necessarily think I would pay £50 to purchase the full-sized version at the moment... mainly because I don't have 50pence, let alone 50quid! I adore the Lush facemasks (BB Seaweed is my ultimate fave), and they cost around 10% of the price of GlamGlow. Fair enough they don't claim to do the same amazing things GG does or have heritage in Hollywood film studios! But they are packed full of natural ingredients & a fraction of the price, so with my current beauty budget I think i'll have to stick with the cheaper alternative. But it may be something I decide to try out again in the future when I have a bit more moolah to splash out on expensive skincare, and am in dire need of a serious skin pick-me-up! I'll be getting that credit card out & buying myself 'a facial in a jar' fo sho!

GlamGlow is a highly recommended product, and Elle Magazine's 'No.1 Beauty Obsession' so if you do have a bit of cash to splash on some slightly more expensive skincare/pampering products then it is available to purchase from the Selfridges website or 

Have any of you guys tried GlamGlow? If yes, what did you think? Worth the money?

Lorra love,
Carms xxx

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  1. Where did you get your tattoo done?! It's beautiful! xx

    1. A place in Birmingham called Modern Body Art... it's the best & my tattoo artist Rachel is a babe! :) xX