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I want to start this post off by making a confession... my name is Carmen & i'm a shopaholic - I hold my hands up, there's no denying it! It's not my fault though, I blame online shopping entirely for my full-blown addiction. Back in the day if you had no dollar you'd just avoid the shops at all costs... but these days we have the internet, and it means that a new dress or new pair of heels are only a few clicks of a button & a postman away from being yours! I love nothing more than spending my evenings drooling over clothing websites and making wishlists (trying my hardest not to purchase anything & not succeeding very often), so I thought i'd share this little gem with you! I'm also treating this as a sort of AA meeting for shopping addicts... a problem shared is a problem halved after all! 

So this brings me on to my current fave e-tailer Avenue 32, I only recently discovered this fabulous online store & i'm already hooked! They have the most extensive portfolio of top designer brands, such as 3.1 Philip Lim, Preen, Giles, and Temperley London, to name a few! I've fallen in love with so many of the gorgeous pieces on their website so I thought i'd put a wishlist together, and share some of my faves with you...

Avenue 32 Wishlist | Maiden of Wood

L Agence Gold Legging | Felipe Oliveira Baptista Splash Patchwork Top | 3.1 Philip Lim Cross Body Handbag | Tim Ryan Multi Mohair Lurex Jacket | Calvin Klein Collection Platform Wedge | Illesteva Tortoise Leonard II Sunglasses 

The word 'wishlist' has never been so apt, as unfortunately for me I do not have the funds to purchase all of these gorgeous items :( But i'm trying my damned hardest to think of a special occasion in the near future that I could use as an excuse to buy at least one thing... or even better than that would be if one of my nearest & dearest would like to purchase one of these items as a gift, simply out of the goodness of their heart?! ...as my birthday isn't until August, and although it looks like it outside it certainly ain't Christmas! 

I adore the 3.1 Philip Lim Cross Body Handbag, and it just so happens I have been looking for something that sort of shape & size for ages to use as an evening bag. Ah well a girl can dream can't she!

If you are lucky enough to be able to treat yourself to something delightful from Avenue 32, then now is the time to do it as they currently have a 10% discount off all first orders which is applied automatically at the checkout... discounted designer gear is the one! :)

Happy shopping guuyyys!

Lorra love,
Carms xxx

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