Nominate me for Company Magazines #StyleBloggerAwards 2013...

I've been nominated for the Company #StyleBloggerAwards2013 :) I know it's massively unlikely i'll ever win, but it would be a total dream to be even be shortlisted! I would love it if you guys could vote for me and my little blog... it would mean the absolute world! I'll try not to bore you with my sob story, but it's been one hell of a struggle since graduating from University with a 2:1 in fashion & textiles (which i've discovered means very little in the real world)... my blog has been like a sort of an escape for me from the reality of working a full-time job that has no correlation to my degree at all, and also a way of me staying creative too! I've met some amazing people through blogging, and being part of the blogging community is fantastic - I love it! This award would really top all that off!!! Especially since Company is my fave magazine!
The three catagories I think my blog fits into are - 'Best Fashion Blog - Newcomer', 'Best Personal Style Newcomer Blog' and 'Best Designed Blog' (as I use all my own illustrations).
You can vote for me here :)
Thank you all so much!
Lorra love,
Carms xxx


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