If you follow me on Twitter then you might be aware of my recent trip to Nottingham for the #NottsBBMeet. I absolutely love these blogger meet-ups, as it's a chance to meet like-minded people with similar interests - people who understand why I photograph everything I eat & sometimes say the word 'hashtag' out loud before insulting someone (that last one might just be me hehe!)...

Coat: River Island | Dress: Topshop | Belt: DIY Hermes | Tights: House of Holland | Dr Martens: MotelRocks (Use discount code 'maidenofwood' to get 20% of Motel) | Scarf: Accessorize | Bag: Vintage Moschino

We were all split into small groups, and taken to Kiehl's Nottingham for a champers breakfast. The girls at Kiehl's were so welcoming, and they had some delicious cupcakes for us to munch on whilst there! I wasn't too familiar with Kiehl's products, which made my skin consultation particularly interesting as I was introduced to lots of new amazing skincare & make-up products. One product in particular I need in my life is the Midnight Recovery Concentrate; it claims to give you 'younger looking skin by morning' and since i'm almost on the wrong side of my twenties I think i'm gonna need it! They've since sent each of us a hand written postcard, along with a sample of one of their body lotions - which I think is the sweetest thing ever! A hand written letter is very rare these days, and considering there were about 50 of us at the day part of the meet-up that is a hell of a lot of personalised postcards to write!

After Kiehl's we headed off to do a bit of shopping. Myself and a few of the girls decided to check out Cow Vintage. I love Cow, and always find amazing pieces when ever I shop at the Birmz one. The second I walked through the door I was drawn to a pink floral jacket with corduroy detailing, and although I had promised myself I wasn't going to buy anything I just had to have it! I'm now £50 down, and living off pasta for the rest of the month ...but i'll be eating that bland pasta in a naughty little floral number won't I! Swings & roundabouts bitchez! Ooo and I also might have accidentally bought a lippy from NARS called Schiap - definitely struggling with the pronunciation of that.

We finished the day off at TGI's - mmm Jack Daniels sauce! I think I can speak on behalf of everyone when I say how unbelievably shocked I was at the goodie bags each of us received! I still can't quite believe it if i'm honest. I have enough new products to last me the rest of the year. I honestly felt like a kid at Christmas... a filthy stinking rich kid at that! You can see how much hard-work & dedication went into creating them, and the generosity of the brands involved has blown me away! I personally attend meet-up's because I want to socialise with like-minded people, and make friends, so to be given all these goodies to take home with me on top of that blows my tiny little mind. I'm so grateful!

Below are the homemade lippy & nail polish biscuits Sophia made us - which might I add were so yumma!!! I'm also pretending to apply the biscuit lippy - which myself & my traveling companion Beca from Becaboosmakeup found absolutely hilarious on the train home.

Lookin' for the goodies, keep on lookin' coz they stay in the jar oh-ooh-oh-oooh yeahhh...

So many amazing treats! Where do I begin?! 

A big thank you to Kiehl's Nottingham, all the amazing brands who have contributed to the goodie bags we were given, and a MASSIVE thank you to Sophia, Sophie, Jessie, and Amiiee for organising a fabulous day!

Lorra love,
Carms xxx