Zoo Portraits by Yago Partal & an update!

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Gogo Philip x Disney... Oh Boy!

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Open Letter

Jacket: Vintage Levi Via eBay | Typographic Shirt: Glamorous | Disco Pants: American Apparel | Shoes: Lazy Oaf x Kickers 

Necklace & Crop Top: Urban Outfitters | Rings: Vicki Marks & Shop Dixi

I wore this outfit when I met up with the ma YouTube bbz - Kate, Faye & Sian the other week... check out my vlog of our day together here. I literally threw this ensemble together in a mad rush on the morning but I was quite pleased with how well it actually turned out! I love this typographic shirt from Glamorous - although my bliddy div of a Dad ended up washing it with darks when I was visiting my parents the other weekend, so the colour is slightly duller than it was when I first bought it... but oh well it's hardly noticeable really! I'll let him off this time ;) I thought these pieces actually complimented each other quite well; it's super casual with an added bit of pizazz from my sparkly Lazy Oaf Kickers :) I don't know about you but my fave outfits often end up being the ones i've had a limited amount of time to throw together!

Lorra love,
Carms xxx