Zoo Portraits by Yago Partal & an update!

Hellooo bbz! Sorry i've been MIA these last couple of weeks! It's my last day at work today so i've been busy busy busy and I start my internship with Claire's Accessories on Monday!!! Eeeekkkk!! I never thought i'd be so excited for Monday to come that i'd be wishing my weekend away haha!
Anyhoo, I have some outfit posts ready to go up this weekend but in the meantime I thought i'd share these amazing animal illustrations by Yago Partal with you. This is anthropomorphism at it's best... seeing a Bull in a puffa jacket, a Piggy in a Hawaiian shirt and a Pug in a baseball cap seriously tickles me! They're so cuuute, I just love them :)

Lorra love,
Carms xxx

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