The Dog Ate My... Blog Post

Hiya bbz! Remember me?! Soz i've been MIA for a few weeks (yet again), i've been getting a pop-up on my laptop saying the 'start up disk is full' which meant I was unable to edit anything in Photoshop or iMovie ...then I went to Glastonbury and lost my mind... but my brain is beginning to function again and i've managed to delete some selfies off my lappy, which means I can blog again! HURRAY!!! I had the most mind-altering, life-changing time at Glasto, which has been documented and will be uploaded to my YouTube channel in due course (subscribe to be notified when it's up). I cannot explain how incredible Glastonbury really is... there are no words! I wish I could dress like a hippy tramp forever and live on Worthy Farm with all my pals. The Arctic Monkeys were a highlight for me in terms of the bands/artists I saw, it took me back to my 'Indie Cindy' days and Alex Turner is an absolute ride!! I want to run my hands through his perfectly gelled quiff. Azealia Banks was also a fave - obvs! She is absolute perfection and I almost had a panic attack when my babes did 'Liquorice'! I'm pretty gutted I didn't manage to get any decent outfit posts whilst I was there, but everyone knows what the battery life of an iPhone is like and although I charged it multiple times at £6 a pop, turned the brightness right down and all my apps off - it still didn't last. I did manage to take a few snaps though, so I will most likely be doing a Glasto post very soon if any of you are interested in seeing me in my natural habitat.

Dress - Evil Twin | Crop Top - Sparkle & Fade (Both Via Urban Outfitters) | Shorts & Scrunchy - American Apparel | Shoes - Converse | Earrings - Claire's Accessories

Hope you enjoyed this quick outfit post, it's from a Summer lookbook I put together a few weeks ago, which i'm also in the process of editing for my YouTube channel. Oh and FYI - they're not 'pretendy' outfits, I have actually worn them out in public.

Ooo one last thing - i've noticed a slight increase in my GFC followers recently (i'm guessing not everyone got the memo), thank you all so much for following my little blog!!! Unfortunately GFC is no longer, so if you want to continue to follow then please do so via Bloglovin' Thanks in advance, love you all millz <3 

Lorra love,
Carms xxx


  1. Your tattooes are lush! That unicorn one is fucking njbsjvbfd I can't, it's just beautiful.

  2. Your look a total beaut! So jel of your glasto adventure, I have been a couple of times now and it just is the best place everrr! Just gutted I couldn't make it this year! xx

    1. Aww cheers babes! BEST PLACE EVER EVER EVER!!!! X

  3. I just adore your hair, totally awesome. x

  4. fuck your hair is killing me!!!!!!

  5. cute outfit! so jels of glasto!! xx

  6. I love the evil twin dress/top/kimono, you look gorgeous! I can only imagine what you were like at Glasto...hopping around like a little woodland pixie creature - hope you had the best time :) X