Denim Jacket Dress - Warehouse | Neckerchief - Beyond Retro (similar here) | Backpack - Warehouse | Sandals - Topshop

Ohh heeyyy!! How y'all doin'? Feeling the need to type in a Southern American accent to tie in with the Home-on-the-Range-esque look I went for at the weekend LOLz. I spent my Sat'dey at BeautyCon (a big ol' beauty convention full of MAJOR YouTuber playaaaz #IBreathedTheSameAirAsTylerOakley) with my baby gal Sian - so much fun!! ...and got to hang out with some of my internet / now IRL friends - namely two of the biggest babes EVER Mary & Grace. The four of us went for some food, a much needed glass of prosecz & a mooch around Westfield after the event, which was laaavly! Being at BeautyCon, surrounded by some of the biggest bloggers & vloggers in the business has made me massively want to step up my YouTube game, so stay tuned for more (hopefully better quality) content from moi v.soon!

Back to the outfit... I'm literally obsessed with this Warehouse denim duster-coat-come-dress atm - like SRSLY OBSESSED! I haven't had it off my back since I bought it around a month ago, although this was the first time wearing it buttoned up as a dress. I styled it up with some tan suede accessories (shock horror) and a vintage neckerchief, which I wore in my huuurr in my last post - totes versatile!

Happy hump day y'all, see you in my next post!

Lorra love,
Carms x


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