Dress: Motel Rocks via ASOS | Jacket: Topshop | Boots: Dr Martens | Hat: Vintage

Top: Rat & Boa | Jeans: ASOS | Belt: Warehouse | Headpiece: Tallulah Minxy

Dress: Beyond Retro | Boots: Dr Martens | Floral Garland: Topshop Concession

Well hello there!

I'm back from Glastonbury, still in one piece (just about), having had one of the best weekends of my entire life - that sounds massively over-exaggerated but believe me it's totes true! I thought that I would come back down to reality with a huge bang but over a week has passed since I returned and I think my 'Glasto bubble' is still very much intact :) 

As promised in my previous post - here's a quick run down of what I wore whilst living it up on Worthy Farm. I totally over-packed, as I always do, even though I had a vague idea of what I was going to wear each day. I'm a fashion obsessed girl after all - that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it! I wore #mydreamvintagedress on the last day, which the gorge gals at Beyond Retro hooked me up with especially for my trip to Glasto - amazing or whut?! I also managed to rock an array of suede, lace-up, fringing, tie-dye and glitter galore - standard festival attire ey! We had amazing weather for majority of the festival, so most of my clothing was minimal - I've come back to London suitably bronzed, with a few god awful tan lines unfortunately :( 

I cannot recommend it enough! It is, hands down, the best festival in the world! Like I said, you live in a bubble of happiness for 5 days, everyone's on the same vibe and you get to see some of the greatest musicians of all time (shout out to Kanye - f**k the haters bbz). 

Until next year Glasto <3

Lorra love, 
Carms x

Beyond Retro are running an amazing comp throughout July, where you can win a £250 shopping spree in one of their London stores (hellooo dream vintage dresses AND shoes AND accessories), plus an overnight stay at The Hoxton London - errr how freaking amazing is that! Head over to to enter! Can we go halfies if you win? ;)


  1. Well this is just beautiful.

    Next year, I'm getting you on board to style me up for Glasto!

    Linds xxx

    1. Thank you beautiful! You certainly don't need any styling tips from lil' ole me though babs - you got dis one locked dooown! xx

  2. Yes mate!!! Best dressed at Glasto I reckon <3


    1. Ahhh thank you baby cakes, you're too kind!! xxx

  3. Yes Glasto was so good still feeling the blues a month later!! You look amazing!

    Sophie |