Jacket: Vintage Levi (similar here) | Top: Topshop | Skirt: Warehouse | Boots: Topshop (similar here) | Bag: Vintage LV

Thank sweet baby jeez I only had to put together two LFW outfits + an extra little suttin' suttin' for the Versace-Versace party! I don't think I could handle the pressure of five days of head-to-toe-super-fashurn-OOTD's, considering I spend majority of my week in jeans, Converse and some sort of top that doesn't require ironing first thing in the AM, when I'm rushing to get out the door. 

This ain't my usual Sunday attire either - you'll be lucky if I change out of my Primarni jim jams on a Sunday, never mind glamming it up in midi's and heels - but if you can't make a bit of an effort during LFW, when can you ey?!

My suede obsession shows no sign of ending any time soon either and I've been 'investing' (that's my way of justifying my recent splurges) in key pieces for Autumn / Winter, like this gorgeous Ox-blood Warehouse skirt. Styled-up with (shock) my Toppers Master boots and dressed-down with a vintage Levi denim jacket ...and, of course, a lil' bitta Lurex - my current fave trend.

Lorra love,
Carms x


Shirt - ASOS | Jeans - Vintage Levi's (similar here) | Boots - Topshop (similar here) | Bag - Radley London | Scarf - Accessorize  

So I hit up the cobbles congested roads of LFW this weekend - saw some amazing presentations, went to a Versace party (I know, right!), cringed at all the usual fashurn peacocking, drank bare coconut water and ate my body weight in popchips (hashtag standard). I only did Saturday and Sunday this season, due to work commitments, but two days was most definitely enough - my poor little piggy trotters are paying the price now, trust! 

So this is what I wore on Saturday - nothing too OTT and something I would definitely wear on a day-to-day basis (throwing shade at those peacocks), with a little extra suttin' suttin'. I took my new dreamy ASOS lilac suede shirt on it's first outing, paired with my fave Topshop Master boots and gorgeous Radley London Portman - which complimented my whole ensemble perfectly, if I do say so myself. I'm really digging the new direction Radley have taken recently - think less scottie-dog, more super-chic. Also, special thanks to the Schwarzkopt got2b volumizing styling powder for the added oomph it's given ma huurrr - I've never had volume like it in my life!

I'll be back with my Sunday outfit super soon + a couple of show reports, so keep your eyes peeled for those.

Lorra love,
Carms x



Top: Warehouse | Culottes: Topshop (similar here) | Belt: Warehouse | Neckerchief: Beyond Retro (similar here) | Chucks: ASOS

Remember that 'Take a Break-esque' story about that chick who fell in love with, and then went on to marry The Berlin Wall? (true story) ...well, I've totes fallen head-over-heels in luuurrve with this pretty, pastel, dream of a wall at Sugarhouse Studios in East LDN. I made it my mish to shoot here after seeing it on the oh so lovely Olivia's blog. Super cute huh?!

So here I am, in front of said wall, giving it my best je ne sais quoi? va va voom? ...basically, looking stereo-typically French in my best Breton stripes, culottes and red lippy combo.

What d'ya think - have I got that je ne sais quoi or nah?

Lorra love,
Carms x