Take your outfit from 0 to 100 with a statement faux fur

It's that time of year when I bring my fur coats, scarves, stoles out of storage and get all snuggly with my outfit choices - the bigger... the fluffier... the cosier - the better! Fur, to me, is like the Winter equivalent of a statement necklace - guaranteed to take your outfit to a whole new level! With the added bonus of keeping you warm and toasty during the chillier months (which I'm ALL about). 

I've been lusting after a Charlotte Simone Fur Scarf for years now, but at the moment I just can't justify spending hundreds of pounds on an accessory that I'm only likely to wear for a few months of the year. So as soon as I spotted this Topshop dupe, I had to make it mine. As you know I'm a big lover of the colour Chartreuse, so this little fluffy number is an all-round-winner for me. 

The scarf is such an oversized, statement piece, that I decided to dress it down with a monochrome (#MimeChic) jersey tee, black Jamie Jeans and the Muse Bone Heel Boot - a revamp of the ever so popular Master Boots. Simple, yet sassy.

Oh and FYI, if you digging this whole ensemble, you can shop the entire look below - just click the 'Buy the Look' button, select your sizes, hit 'buy' and as if by magic you'll be taken through to the Topshop checkout - how rad is that!! ...I've never used the word 'rad' in my life but now seems like a pretty appropriate time to use it! #GameChanger 


  1. Carms you look incred! So pleased with how the pics came out! Errrr... BUY THE LOOK? Yes please!! Amazing idea xx

  2. These shots are gorgeous, you little babe! xxx