LFW Day 2 Outfit featuring ASOS, Next and Radley

Jumper: ASOS | Jeans: ASOS | Belt: ASOS | Boots: Next | Backpack: Radley | Beret: ASOS | Glasses: Ace and Tate

My final outfit from LFW was a super casj, super comfy one - just my sorta vibe. I always get a little bit of a panic on before Fash' Week and really have to refrain from last-min outfit buying. Thankfully I was invited down to ASOS HQ this season to snap up some key, on-trend pieces - which took the stress (I use that word loosely) out of Fash' Week outfit planning.

 I had planned on wearing a triple suede ensemble - jacket, boots and trousers ...but you'd have to be crazy to rock all-suede in the pissing rain wouldn't you. So I decided to go with my ASOS KICK FLARES ...AGAIN... and I'm not even sorry 'bout it. They're just so comfortable and go with absolutely everything. 

The standout piece from this outfit has got to be this fabulous ASOS RUFFLE DETAIL JUMPER. I'm massively into the Prairie Trend at the mo' so it was love at first sight when I spied this mint green number. It's like totes the sort of jumper your Nana would have knitted you back in the day, that you wouldn't have been seen dead in but now it's totally en vogue.


LFW Day 1 Outfit featuring ASOS, Radley and Next

Top: NEXT | Coat: ASOS | Jeans: ASOS | Boots: NEXT | Bag: RADLEY | Glasses: ACE & TATE 

So another season of London Fashion Week done and dusted - back to life, back to reality. 

I only managed two days this season, the dreaded 'fashion week flu' hit me hard and I decided I NEEDED to spend my Sunday curled up in bed, with the electric blanket on full blast, Netflix (no chill) and a bag of Haribo Starmix. 

This was my look from Friday - I felt oh-so-Seventies in this dreamy SUEDE ASOS MAC and KICK FLARE combo, complimented perfectly (if I do say so myself) by my NEXT EMBROIDERED FOLK TOP - big fan of those embroidered oversized cuffs, I am. 

I'd also like to point out just how comfy these NEXT KICKFLARE HEEL BOOTS actually are. I walked about, and boy did we do some walking, in them for fifteen solid hours without the slightest bit of pain - not a blister in sight, which is unheard of during LFW. I even went as far as to wear them the following day - they're honestly the comfiest pair of heeled boots I've ever owned and come highly recommended if, like me, you usually avoid an all-day heel at all costs. I'm not really one to over accessorise, so my shiny new RADLEY LONDON SOHO BACKPACK and ACE & TATE ROTH GLASSES were the perfect simple-yet-striking finishing touches to my day 1 outfit.

I saw some incredible shows (FELDER FELDER was a highlight), presentations and got to hang out with some of my best babes - which always makes fash week a huge highlight of my social calendar. Ooo and i'm also kinda buzzing after getting street styled snapped by LOOK MAGAZINE (whoop) which you can watch HERE.


I'm all over the cropped flare trend right now

Suede Shirt Jacket: ASOS x My Girl Megs | Top: Topshop | Flares: ASOS | Boots: Topshop

Now this is a trend I'm seriously digging and just had to jump straight on the bandwagon of - THE KICK FLARE.

I've tried, many a time, to rock a full-length flare and failed miserably. Probs because I'm, what I like to call, 'vertically challenged' - particularly lacking in a few extra inches in the ole legs area (woe is me). I'd pretty much come to terms with the fact that I'm just not leggy enough to rock a flared jean. Well, that was until the wayyy cooler cropped version came on the scene and I just had to get myself a pair. 

They're super comfy, and like I said, surprisingly flattering. I can see myself living in these ASOS beauties for the foreseeable and I will definitely be making more cropped flare purchases over the coming months. When I find something I like, I just have to have it in every colour-way, fabric and print possible. So apologies now if I don't take these off my back for the next few weeks - I promise to wash them after each wear.