I've gone all-out-ice-cream-cone in blush pink & cream

Top: ASOS | Jeans: ASOS | Boots: Topshop (similar here) | Neckerchief: ASOS | Bolo: ASOS

Flared sleeves and V-necklines are a match made in sartorial heaven don't cha think ...and when you throw in beautiful blush pink tones, well, I'm completely sold. The second I spied this gorgeous little ASOS number on the new-in pages I just had to have it (so close to typing 'straight in my basket' ...really need to get some new material). 

Oh and FYI; if pinks not your thing, it also comes in an equally as lovely cream colour - which is sat in my saved items just waiting for payday to roll around. I mean, just look at those sleeves - I'm in LOVE!

Styled with a light-blue pair of (shock) ASOS cropped flares, which are only £14 in the sale atm, my go-to Topshop sock boots and ASOS neckerchief & bolo combo - which I am absolutely loving RN. 

I'm feeling well and truly Summer ready ...someone pass me a 99, with loadsa monkey's blood!

Photos by my talented little mate Abbie


  1. This is bloody gorgeous Carms omg!
    The colours are so beaut on you and your photography is next level lately I DIE! x

    1. Thank you gorge!! That means a lot xx

    2. Also, shout out to Abbie Tanner for her sick photography skillz

  2. The styling of such things requires special and careful approach. Indeed, in this case we combined quite difficult and unusual for us things.

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  5. Looks great! I'm not so good in fashion, but I'd wear such outfit for my job at essay lab office. By the way, boot cut jeans and loose sweater look like those, which my mother used to wear when she was young. But this outfit looks way more stylish and comfortable. How much does it cost? Like, all together? I'm interested, how much I need to earn to buy it.