No 197 Chiswick Fire Station


I'm sure you all recognise those dreamy pink suede sofas and that super 'Instagrammable' cacti corner from, well, Instagram... 

I'm definitely not the first to post about this place and certainly won't be the last BUT I'm totally cool with being late to the party on this one, I just had to share it with you all. 

What once was a fire station (hence the name), refurbished into what can only be described as Pinterest IRL - Chiswick's coolest independent neighbourhood bar and restaurant 'No 197 Chiswick Fire Station' is an absolute must-visit if you're in and around the West London area!

I had to venture pretty far out West to find this little zone 3 gem (my travelcard is strictly zones 1-2) but it was more than worth the extra few quid top-up on my Oyster. I only had time to have a quick coffee this time round, which was v. v. tasty might I add! So I definitely plan on making the long ole trip from Brixton to Chiswick (it's actually not that far, just saying that for dramatic effect) to sample their mouth watering brunch menu soon - the eggs bene' come highly recommended & I think it's pretty reasonably priced as far as London brunch spots go. If you're a little bit more local than I am it might be worth checking it out in the evening too, as I imagine it turns into a pretty vibein' bar later in the day. 

The sudden drop in temperature has meant I haven't had this velvet puffer jacket from Next off my back since I got it. You're probably all well aware of this but worth noting the puffer jacker is back in a big way this season - which I for one am absolutely loving! It totally takes me back to the Naf Naf days of the 90's. I'm really into this, this and this one if you're on the hunt for one yourself. 

The super talented Maria (the girl behind the lens of these shots) and I plan on visiting all of the pretty coffee & brunch spots London has to offer, so expect more posts of this sort v. soon! 

Carmen x


Photography by Maria Bazhanova


  1. Carms! These pics are so gorgeous, you look an abso BABE!! xxx

  2. your back baby and I'm so happy!

    1. Ahh thanks babes! Can't wait to catch up next week xx

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