This is an absolute fave everyday outfit of mine - a comfy knit, Levi jeans & DM's. I'm as lazy as they come so I like to make v. minimal effort where possible. Plus, comfort really is key and of huge importance to me when it comes to my morning outfit selection - especially since the godawful drop in temperature we've had recently. The last thing you wanna be when it's -5 degrees outside is uncomfortable in your OOTD ennit!

I talked a bit about a couple of my fave colour combinations in my last post and here I am wearing yet another love of mine - navy & black. It's always been regarded as a real fashion no-no, something my Mam used to drill into me years ago. I have to whole heartedly disagree with wor Phyllis on this one though ...soz Ma' but I'm ALL about this colour combo. An all black outfit with a navy coat, or in this case, an all navy outfit with black boots - both absolute winners in my eyes. onto the footwear... I'd just like to start by saying - you cannot beat a good pair of Dr Martens IMHO! Once broken in (that does take some doing - ouch!) they're the comfiest pair of boots you'll ever wear. The more battered they are the better, so if you're thinking about getting yourself a pair definitely persevere with them, it's definitely worth it (blisters an' all). This pair in particular hold a v. special place in my heart, as they've been to a couple of Glastonbury festivals with me and still have a little bit of Worthy Farm cemented in the soles. They'll most definitely be coming to Glasto '17  with me!