Laser Eye Surgery with Optical Express

Something I've always dreamed of but never actually thought would happen in a million years is *actually happening* tomorrow - I'm having Laser Eye Surgery with Optical Express. I know this is a procedure that a lot of people, like me, have thought about having and for that reason I wanted to share my journey with you guys.


I'm not 100% sure when it was that I first realised I needed to wear glasses. All I know is it's been a very long time. Too long in fact. I've just scrolled through my Facebook pictures to try and pin-point exactly when it was but as most of my FB photos are from nights out, and I NEVER wear my glasses on a night out, I'm struggling to find any pictures of me actually wearing them. You're not allowed to wear contacts for a minimum of 7 days prior to surgery, so I actually went out on Saturday night unable to see a bloody thing. I feel really un-sexy in my glasses, so only wear them to work, if I'm chilling round the house or hanging out with friends. That really is saying something isn't it, if you'd rather be visually impaired than wear your glasses.  

So a bit about my vision at the moment; I'm short-sighted, which means that distant objects appear blurred. This used to mean I only really struggled to read bus numbers until they were right in front of me (or I'd ended up missing it out of sheer panic of putting my hand out for the wrong bus) but the continued use of glasses to try and correct my vision has only made it worse. I can read my phone or a book without the aid of glasses or contacts but anything further away than that is impossible. At my most recent eye scan I discovered my sight is deteriorating at quite a rapid rate, I'm now -3.00 in my right eye and -2.50 in my left eye. I also have an astigmatism; quite a common, minor eye condition, which means my cornea isn't a perfectly curved shape, instead it's shaped more like a rugby ball. Having an astigmatism makes contact lens (Toric) pretty expensive, as I'm unable to take advantage of those super cheap £5.99 per month online deals. This is one of the main reasons I only wear contacts if I'm going out-out or doing something fancy with my day, as it's not an expense I can really justify for every day use.


There are a few different types of laser correction procedures you can have and after my consultation & iScan appointment at the Shaftsbury Avenue clinic (where I will be having my surgery) I was told I'm a suitable candidate for iDesign Lasek. Lasek is an alternative to Lasik (the most common surgery) for people who have thinner corneas or play contact sport, as the surgeon doesn't create a corneal flap which can be damaged during the healing process if you take part in any sort of strenuous activity. Instead the surgeon places an ultra-thin sheet on the eye and a diluted alcohol solution is used to loosen the edges of the sheet. That sheet is then gently moved to one side to reveal the layer of cornea that will be treated by the laser. Reading up on the procedure kind of freaked me out a little but you're treated with anesthetic drops before treatment, so you feel nothing during. The surgery also takes a matter of minutes to do and I've been told the results of Lasek are fantastic. It's completely safe, nothing can go wrong and Optical Express treat thousands of people every year, so rest assured you're in safe hands if you ever do decide to have the procedure. 


There are so many things I'm so excited to do when I can see clearly, even something as small as looking out of the 3rd floor window at work and not just seeing blurred trees and tiny dots (people) below. If the sun starts shining mid-way through the day, I can put my sunglasses on without having to pop in a pair of contacts (I've always thought it was such a waste to wear a pair of contacts for half a day). Putting fake tan on and then being able to watch tv whist it's drying, without the (probably very irrational) fear of waking up with the pale, ugly outline of my glasses on my otherwise perfectly bronzed face. Having to clean my lenses all the damn time - they pick up dust & get dirty so easily, so I'm constantly having to wipe them clean. Having dusty, dirty glasses kind of defeats the purpose of wearing them doesn't it. And last but definitely not least - the embarrassment of coming indoors from the cold and my specs steaming up...

...I'm aware these are all total 'first world problems' and pale in comparison to some of the issues people in developing countries have to endure when their sight is impaired. This is another reason why I was so keen to collaborate with Optical Express on this, as not only is my vision being corrected through this procedure but I have also been introduced to an amazing charity called Sightsavers - who fight avoidable blindness and promote equal opportunities for visually impaired people. I've donated £500 of my own money to this incredible charity and Optical Express have covered the cost of the rest of my surgery. I want to be completely honest and transparent about this whole process, so letting you know that my surgery has been paid for by Optical Express is important IMO.

A donation as small as £1 per month for a year to Sightsavers is the equivalent of a cataract operation to restore a child's sight, so please please please do check out the charities site HERE and if you can spare any money at all, please know that the couple of quid you might have spent on a coffee in Pret before work could help transform the life of someone less fortunate. 


I'm not going to lie, I am pretty bloody nervous about the whole thing. I had my call with the surgeon on Monday and it really put the fear in me, which I know deep down is completely ridiculous because i'm in safe hands - Optical Express are the UK's no.1 provider of Laser Eye Surgery and I've read testimonial upon testimonial of happy customers. But sometimes too much research can be the opposite of reassuring, so bear that in mind if you're looking to have this procedure in the future. I think the thought of something or someone touching my eye is the thing that's scaring me and the thought of feeling 'pain' in such a sensitive area. Note to self - stop being a whimp! After mentioning my concerns to the Optical Express team they put my in touch with one of their leading Optometrists, Amy, who totally put my mind at ease.

I've heard nothing but great things from people who have gone ahead and had the surgery, everyone I've spoken to has described it as the 'best thing they've ever done', 'life changing' and told me that they wished they'd done it sooner. So I'm sure my nerves will subside, the excitement will kick in and it'll all be worth it. Not only am I sharing my story with you guys on my little corner of the internet, I'm also going to be vlogging the whole thing for Optical Express' YouTube channel, so stay tuned for that.

Goodbye forever glasses - don't let the door hit you on the way out! I'll quite happily stick to a good ole Snapchat filter from now on...

Thank you for reading this post and if anyone has any questions at all feel free to comment below, I'm happy to answer any you might have :)

Ray-Ban Round Metal - The Perfect Summer Shades

Sunglasses c/o Sunglasses Shop
Blouse c/o Joanie Clothing 
Shoes c/o Boden 

I've long been on the hunt for the perfect pair of summer shades and I definitely think I've found them in these Ray-Ban 3447 Round Sunglasses from Sunglasses Shop. I know I'm a little late to the Ray-Ban Round party (shout out to my trend-setting bro who has been wearing these for time) but I'm not usually one to splash the cash on a pair of pricier sunnies. That being said, summer is well and truly on the way and I have some v. exciting things planned, so thought it was time I started working on my sunglasses collection. 

I chose the pink matte lens, with a gold frame to compliment my fair hair and couldn't recommend them enough. They're really easy-to-style, effortlessly cool and have a real rock n' roll vibe to them which I'm totally into.

I've already got my eye on the more classic Ray-Ban 3447 Gold 001 Arista for my next pair. Sunnies & bikinis are all that's on my mind at the moment but at least I don't have to work out to look good in a pair of shades...

Photography by Abbie Tanner