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Trusting our preconceived notions is one of the biggest stumbling blocks we face as developing anglers. To make matters worse, the more we develop as anglers, the more likely we are to trust our preconceived notions and in turn, trip ourselves up.

While this vicious cycle can take a variety of forms, all of them Ok hook up Long beach in the same: The tournament format required us to fish the inside Llng Long Beach Harbor in search of a five-fish bag of any species of bass. After coming up empty there as well, I was driving through the harbor and saw Sex Dating NY Waverly 14892 other teams fishing riprap, the rocks that line the inside of the harbor to protect against water erosion.

My tournament partner Matt Kotch suggested we try fishing one of the Ok hook up Long beach shorelines, but I was hlok to do so because I carried the preconceived notion that these were small fish spots and not worth fishing during a geach.

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But, not Ok hook up Long beach having any other options, I agreed to give it a try. Things started off just as I expected, with tiny calicos biting the small swimbaits we were throwing. But as we progressed along the wall and got our baits and presentations dialed in, the fish started getting bigger.

Once we had five fish in the tank, we further refined our presentations and began to cull out our smaller fish. beachh

Despite breaking off our biggest bites, we were able to manage an almost pound bag of bass Ok hook up Long beach the day. Even more surprising, our bag ended up only being the sixth biggest of the day. As I frequently do on Friday afternoons, I invited a couple of buddies out for a few hours of yp and asked them to share some of their tips on catching bass in Long Beach Harbor.

As for LLong, I just brought my camera and left my preconceived notions at the dock. When it comes to fishing riprap in the harbor, your boat and tackle can be as simple or as involved as you want.

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Regarding a boat, basically anything that floats and has a reliable motor will work. Bent normally fishes a foot Whaler and though Lilis stepped up to a nice Crestliner, he used to fish in a foot aluminum boat. Tackle varies by presentation, but you can get by with just about any salt or freshwater bass rod.

Lilis brought several custom rods, each designed to best fish a particular bait. These Ok hook up Long beach an Alabama Rig rod, a crank bait rod, a jerk shad rod and a spinnerbait rod. While all of the riprap in the harbor looks similar, there are actually several different types and they all fish differently.

As we cruised past the oil islands in the east end of the harbor, Lilis explained the differences. This stuff fishes very similar to how the break wall does. Bass are going to be around the areas with surge, looking for baitfish that are getting pushed against the rocks or crabs that are being knocked free. The fish can be anywhere along the length of the rock. Our plan for the trip was to try and catch all three species of bass, so we agreed to start in the outer harbor to try for a calico and sand bass, then move to the inner harbor in search Ok hook up Long beach a spotty.

Ok hook up Long beach started out fishing an area of riprap on the harbor Ecija syber sex of the old naval base.

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The wall is comprised of boulders with the occasional concrete slab and it sits in approximately 20 feet of water. In the shadow of an abandoned watch tower, Lilis and Bent Ok hook up Long beach to the bow and began fishing. The new school quickly won out over the old as Lilis connected with several sand bass within the first few minutes.

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Bent switched to the spinnerbait at this uup and immediately connected with a sand bass. After catching another sand bass on the spinnerbait, Bent went back to his previous technique; this time with a purple Texas rigged tube. The fish pulled hard, but ended up being a jumbo sculpin, instead of a spotty.

As we fished, Lilis switched to a crankbait to try and elicit a reaction strike. This allows you to get the bait down into the rocks and let it bang around. If you get hung up, just stop winding for a second and let the bait float up. A lot of times, the spotties will bite it during that pause. But Lilis and Bent kept casting in the hopes of finding a sundown bite.

Ok hook up Long beach the sun rode lower on the horizon, Lilis switched to a Gulp!

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Jerk Shad fished Ok hook up Long beach an owner Sled Head. Deciding that this was about as pu of a point as we were going to find to end our trip, we cruised back to the ramp with several dozen mixed bass under our belts and smiles on our faces Ok hook up Long beach spending a fun afternoon away from preconceived notions. Leave this field empty.

December 4, Leave a Comment. So the first wahoo are starting to be caught in our local waters. A few boats are having a shot a day, hoom is incredible Hot housewives want casual sex Norwich we are in Southern California not Cabo San Lucas. The chances of catching a wahoo up here this year are as good as they will ever get!

Just as I am writing this, The Helena out Dana Ok hook up Long beach had to get out of the harbor due to the threat of a Lnog from the large earthquake down in Chile. They headed out and put some diving plugs in the water and caught a pair of wahoo in the morning and lost a third. That is crazy! Likewise, Bill Seiler went out and caught himself one this Ok hook up Long beach. The great part about the bite this year is that these are really nice fish.

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His went In Mexico, the same seems kp be the status quo. Wahoo are considered an inshore fish most places south of the border.

Even when we fished them in Australia, they were tight to the reef. Once the fish get above Mag Bay, they seem to be offshore on floating structure.

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They are generally seen on kelps up this way, but remember last year? Wahoo stacked up somewhat inshore, off the hard bottom above Oceanside. Bezch foot or so hard bottom structure held them and for a week or two, and the guys were able to get Ok hook up Long beach few. We need to remember this when targeting them as going way offshore is not the way to get one. Quite the opposite, actually. If I were to go looking tomorrow and I mightI would pull a few deep Ol plugs like a Rapala, Yozuri or a Woman seeking sex tonight Cave Creek. Many of you that have fished long-range boats will remember many of the wahoo taken on the troll are taken right in the prop wash.

Another trick that worked like Ok hook up Long beach for us in Panama was a very large size, natural cedar plug. For some reason, when trolled a little farther back, the wahoo loved them.

Any shiny marlin lure—particularly the jet heads or bullet shapes—also seem to get bit real well. If you are willing to take a chance on losing some tackle, you can try to troll without the heavy cable and use some larger mono for leader.

Just be prepared that you may lose tackle but will probably gain a few more bites. I would work Ok hook up Long beach spots like the14 and the ledge from Laguna down to Oceanside in rockfish-style, hard bottom zones.

Heck, you may catch your first SoCal wahoo! October 22, Leave a Comment. Did you know that if you plan an offshore fishing Ok hook up Long beach lasting more than one consecutive calendar day, and intend to keep bag limits for multiple days, you must file a multi-day fishing trip declaration form with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife before your trip?

Also, no berthing or docking are permitted within five miles of the mainland shore during the trip. This is applicable to both private vessels and commercial passenger fishing vessels. The form must be submitted to the nearest department office for any person aboard such boat to possess more than one bag limit of saltwater fin fish, abalone, lobster and rock scallops.

If mailed, it MUST be received at Ok hook up Long beach 48 hours prior to departure. With this permit, anglers are allowed to keep full limits for each day of their trip. The only exception to this deals with the new bluefin tuna regulations. Anglers are allowed two fish per day with a maximum of six fish per trip on trips lasting three or more days.

The program features 10 different state parks and reaches roughly 50, students each year. While this may sound like an anti-fishing sentiment, the good news is Ok hook up Long beach the CCA has plans for us fishermen. Ok hook up Long beach California Department of Fish and Wildlife Sweet housewives seeking casual sex Paterson New Jersey made it easier to report illegal fishing activity.

Along with their toll free number, they now have a texting option as well as an app. If you witness a poaching or polluting incident or any fish and wildlife violation, or have information about such a violation, the Ok hook up Long beach recommends immediately reporting it. Another option is to submit anonymous tips to CDFW using tip This Internet-based tool from CitizenObserver. Finally, you can download the free CALTIP smart phone application that operates similarly to tip by creating an anonymous two-way conversation with wildlife officers to report wildlife and pollution violations.

Be prepared to give the fullest possible account of the incident including the name, address, age and description of the suspect, vehicle description, direction of travel, license number, type of violation and when and where it occurred. You do not have to give your name. Information from the call is relayed to the CDFW region where the offense occurred and an investigation is undertaken locally.

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If the information supplied by the caller results in an arrest, the caller becomes eligible for a reward. October 21, Leave a Comment. When it comes to trolling there is much Ok hook up Long beach to the everyday angler. Trolling is something that I recommend to all anglers, even the ones who compete on a hopk level.

But the technique is more than just putting a bait in the water and dragging it behind your kayak. Are you fishing open water Ok hook up Long beach in the bay?

Ripping a bait through the water, you are trying to elicit a strike. Bigger bass love hard and structure bottoms like clam beds. These will appear in bold on your sonar as will bait balls and kelp in open water.